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4th of July Sparkle and Shine

Happy 4th of July!

Fourth of July is and will continue to be one of my most favorite holidays.  In the midst of this Corona pandemic it shouldn't put a damper on what we remember and know this great country represents.

The ability to do the things we love, voice our opinion and engage in friendly discussions,  embark upon a dream and provide not only for our family, but also to help our friends and those that come to this great land with hope.  Knowing that there is opportunity to acquire the dream. 

They've heard the stories of others that came from dire conditions and with perseverance, hard work, perhaps a few sacrifices and a bit of luck they made their own lives amazingly different from the past they experienced.  The land of opportunity still is... fruitful.

For me I will celebrate today with gusto.  As I light up my grill, I'll put on patriotic music and I'll dance around the patio in thanksgiving.   This will be my 4th of July Sparkle and Shine demonstration of patriotism.  And with that....a new tradition will arise.  Because I'll be wearing my Crown of Liberty.  Yes... I can't engage in fireworks like every other year... but.... I will sparkle with pride wearing my Tiara knowing... Liberty reigns.

Yes, I am very thankful.  My fireworks will be laden upon my head, and with every sparkle I'll delight in knowing that many of us presiding in these United States have the opportunity to thrive, be free and enjoy what so many others around the world cannot.  

In thanksgiving for the many who have done so much for our great homeland; and for those that continue to serve their country in whatever capacity.   A huge Thank You!

 May your lives be filled with much love, peace, harmony and understanding.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY, 2020.  

 If you're interested to show your sparkle in the future...for future holidays as I have chosen to do.... click on the link below. 

Display your own red, white and blue glittering show of patriotism.

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God Bless America 

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