30 Ways to Treat Yourself….Because life is a journey.

If you’re anything like me, I usually come last as I lavishly treat and spoil those around me first.  Then…. I read the following blog by Jay Hill.  And you know, it made perfect sense. 

It’s the little pleasures that get us through the everyday grind. Why wait for your next day off or vacation? I make it a point to do engage in a couple of  “ vacation days” right here at home.  Even on the busiest day I have done one of the things on this list.  And you know what?  I felt better.  Pampering me…. Wasn’t such a bad idea.

My advice is to take a look at these 30 ways to remind yourself that you deserve to lead a happy life and enjoy yourself on a regular basis.  Doing little things that make you happy is a good way to boost your self-esteem as well as your general mood. This in turn has a knock-on effect on your mental health. It’s a win-win! Plus, most are free or cheap, so there’s no excuse for not showing yourself a little love from time to time!

  1. Set a timer and tidy up your workspace for ten minutes. This doesn’t sound like much fun, but giving yourself the gift of a clear desk is not to be underestimated! You’ll be mentally lighter and much more organized.
  2. Give yourself the gift of five minutes of doing nothing. Sometimes this is enough to get a bit of breathing room and plan your next move.
  3. Give yourself permission to reach out to someone else. Text or call a friend or relative who you know will support you.
  4. Make a healthy snack or drink and enjoy it slowly. Take pleasure in nurturing yourself.
  5. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure.
  6. Make a plan for the weekend, thus ensuring you have something to look forward to.
  7. Go for a brief walk outside. Natural green shades are soothing, and if the weather is sunny, this will also provide you with a mood boost.
  8. Go to an animal shelter or pet store and look at the cute animals. There’s something relaxing about watching them play or sleep together in a happy snuggly heap.
  9. Get out a notebook and pen and start journaling. Let yourself express hopes, fears, desires and dreams. This can be very cathartic and healing.
  10. Head to the library or second-hand book-store for some free or cheap books. Grab anything that looks amusing, entertaining or inspirational.
  11. Ask a friend for a TV show or movie recommendation. Bonus points if you can borrow it from them for free! You could even suggest a movie night, complete with drinks and popcorn.
  12. Buy a seriously decadent treat, like a bar of your favorite chocolate, and savour it.
  13. Pretend to be a tourist in your local area. Leave your everyday cares behind and walk around the park, museums etc. as though it’s the first time you have ever visited.
  14. Buy yourself something that you’ve been contemplating but keep saying maybe later.   If it will serve a useful purpose and make you happy… why not?
  15. Do something nice for someone else. Why does this work? When we carry out random acts of kindness, we feel a warm glow inside. Everyone benefits!
  16. Give yourself the gift of learning something new. Stimulate your brain by reading or hearing about a totally new topic.
  17. Go and see a new movie by yourself during a weekday afternoon. There’s something relaxing and peaceful about seeing a film alone in a quiet cinema.
  18. Learn how to cook a new dish that you’ve always wanted to try. Master it and you’ll be able to have great food whenever you feel like it!
  19. Have an early night, just because you feel like it. Put off the chores until tomorrow, and just get into bed with a good book or film. We all deserve that from time to time.
  20. Give yourself the gift of taking your dreams seriously. Write down five key life goals that you want to achieve over the next year or so, and the steps needed to achieve them.
  21. Take a nap. So many of us are sleep-deprived, so 20 minutes spent napping in the afternoon may be just the refreshment you need.
  22. Make yourself an uplifting playlist containing all your favorite songs,and listen to it several times.
  23. Buy some new bedlinen, or at least change your sheets and spritz  them with perfume or cologne.  It will make you feel luxuriously special, pampered  and relaxed at bedtime.
  24. Avoid toxic influences. Do you suspect that a certain co-worker, relative or even ‘friend’ just depresses you or gets you down with their negative attitude? Try to spend less time with them.
  25. If the weather is pleasant, get out a hammock or blanket and spend time relaxing in the yard or garden. Look up at the clouds and breath in the blue skies.
  26. The next time someone asks you to do something non-essential that you don’t want to do, vow to look after yourself and say “Wish I could, but so sorry. I can’t.”
  27. Buy your favorite flavor of ice-cream on your way home from work and spend a couple of hours indulging in dessert and trashy TV.
  28.  Treat yourself to a few compliments – from yourself!
  29. Get rid of any clothing that doesn’t fit or flatter you, and go shopping for replacement.
  30. Read an interesting and uplifting blog article for free inspiration within minutes!

Inspired? Hope so!  Now add a few more to the list that would make your day stellar and have some fun.  After all you deserve it!


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