Which Modern Day Version Disney Princess are You?

Hi Gals!

I love everything Disney.  And when we had to cancel our trip due to the pandemic... the blues hit us big time. We started talking about the whole princess thing and decided to go online to experience all of the Disney Princess personalities. 

What if the Disney princesses lived today? How would have they looked like?

Well one fabulous artist living in Chile, South America used her imagination. And brought it to life.

Meet illustrator and concept artist  Fernanda Suarez. She creates modern day versions of what Disney princesses would look like today.

Her illustrations depict beautiful but bold and confident young women. And they do not need a prince charming.

Here are a few to start.... Nala Disney's Lion King Princess                                             The Lion King..."Courageous"

Disney Belle - The Bookworm - Beauty and The Beast
             Beauty and the Beast   "Bookworm Belle"


Strong-willed and Determined Jasmine -  Alladdin's Strong-Willed Disney Princess

See the other Re-Imagined Disney Girls by Fernanda Suarez 

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