Debating? Should I or Shouldn't I Wear a Tiara

In my career as a hairdresser and makeup artist,  having glamorized so many women, I've come across many soon to be brides that hesitate to add a glorious tiara/crown/hair accessory as a finishing touch to complement their entire ensemble. This is something that delightfully perplexes me!

Example:  (Princess Maxima) purchases an over the top ball gown because she has dreamed about this amazing event her whole life. She has visualized herself as her favorite Disney princess a million times.  Imagining wearing the elaborate and gorgeous ball gown, fancy shoes and naturally that amazing happy ending crown. It's a fantasy she’s imagined for her future Prince and Princess moment.  It's adorable.  And truly having been a Floridian, it's real!  West Palm Beach socialites don't think twice about wearing a crown and glory hair accessory. 

So? Why is it that they get shy and skimp on dressing up their hairstyle?  After all, isn't that the most appropriate moment?  Absolutely a huge and resounding Yes!   This the moment you can and should wear one.  You'll probably never really dress to look and feel like "The Princess" again.  So why not do it in style?

 If you've been teetering on the decision we have chosen some exquisite hair accessories all under $200.  Simple, Elaborate & Timeless to use over and over again for any event.

                                 Which One Will You Fall in Love With?
                                                 Have fun dreaming.

 Meghan Markle Replica Princess Tiara  



Pretty in Pink

For the woman that wants to make her own statement.  Pink is always so feminine.  The color of femininity and innocence. 
We love this for a Sweet Sixteen or Quinceanera.

Butterfly Headband 1

 Butterfly Headband with Veil 
Simply Elegant Headband 
Pretty with or without a veil

 Elegant Yet Simple Headband BandeauUnderstated Simplicity with Elegance

   Beautiful hair accessory that can be worn when you want that extra touch of elegance.  This is a favorite among our clients. It can be worn forever at Weddings, on New Year's Eve, Birthdays, Galas, Cocktail Parties, Anniversaries, well almost anytime.

Cubic Zirconia Headband Bandeau


 Replica Crown/Tiara Dazzling White

Bedazzled Empress Tiara

A copy of a regal tiara made available for you.  You'll be the queen of the ball wearing this stunning crown.




Matching Earrings and Tiara for Ultimate Fashion Look
Emerald Green Rhinestone Set

A fabulous set that oozes elegance and prestige.

Ruby Red, Dazzling White and Emerald Green. 
Look polished and totally put together.  You'll look amazing! 


RubyRedTiaraandEarringSet 3dvanity.comDazzlingWWhiteRhinestoneTiaraandEarringsSetEmeraldGreenTiarawithEarringSet

  Purple Pear Cut Crystals & Rhinestone Tiara 

 Golden Girl Halo Golden Girl Floral Halo


PearlTiarawithCrytals_3dvanity.comCZ Crystals & Natural Pearl Bridal Tiara Beautiful Real Pearl Tiara


Complete Trending Tiara Set Mixed Stones

Subtle Pastel Gems 3 Pc Set 

Opals_and-Floral_Tiara_and_Drop Earrings-Set Butterflies an Flowers Tiara with Earrings Set
Opalescent Gemstone Tiara


Three Piece Bridal Jewelry Set 3dvanity.comPearls and CZ Necklace and Earring Set 3dVanity.comComplete Tiara Set Earrings and Necklace 
Finishing Touches



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