Chic little "channel like" purse cigarette butane lighter unique red enamel cigarette lighter
How to fill butane ligher.
Bottom View of Little Red Cigarette Lighter
Measurements of little red purse shaped cigarette lighter.

New Unusual Ladies Cigar/Cigarette Lighter


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Show your style as you light up your cigarette or cigar.  Beautiful lacquered finish , metal butane lighter is glamourous.  Make a statement.  Great gift for anyone who loves to smoke.

Portable, sleek and stylish in sexy red lacquer enamel finish!

Note:  Due to safety and shipping precautions, you fill it up with Butane lighter fluid. 

Weight: 36 g/1.26 ounces
Size: 57*20*58 mm/ 2.24"x .78" x 2.28"